European Hardwood

The main species of European hardwood are oak, ash, beech, larch, and to a lesser extent cherry. European hardwoods are well-known for their resilience. Traditionally used for flooring at the top end of the range in the most luxurious properties, European hardwood floors are now more affordable. They come in a range of different widths and lengths, giving the client much more choice. They are easy to clean and maintain, and without the potential health and allergy risks of carpets. A feature of European hardwood is that it is a sustainable product and its use does not contribute to the destruction of tropical rain forests.

American Hardwood

The main timbers from North America are Oak, Canadian Maple, American Black Walnut, and Canadian Cherry. These give the customer a wide choice of colours from the pale cream of Maple through to the dark shades of American Black Walnut.

Canadian Maple flooring is a wonderful choice for a light and uniform feel with great durability and has fewer knots than many other timbers.