Exotic Board Collection

Exotic Pattern Collection

Exotic hardwood floors are great for those looking for something unusual and a little special. Exotic wood flooring comes in a variety of species, stains, finishes and patterns from which to select but generally they tend to come in darker colours and they are usually very hard.

According to tests undertaken by the US forestry lab, some types of exotic woods are more durable than the traditional ones. The higher the hardness level, the fewer the precautionary measures you’ll need to take to prevent surface damage for the simple fact that it is more durable.

An exotic wood is generally harder but may be less stable in some cases and therefore not always suitable in all environments, such as with an under floor heating system.

These woods are quickly gaining popularity thanks to their usage and superior reputation for hardness, colour and grain. This new trend of exotic and rare woods from around the world is a cut above the rest, making a statement about taste and lifestyle.