Oak Boards Collection

Oak Patterns Collection

Walking on Wood provides an extensive range of solid oak and engineered oak floors, with different widths, thicknesses, grades, styles and colours.

Traditional Oak floors enhance the look and feel of a room, creating a special feeling of warmth. Oak floors are prized for its beautiful grain, texture, and its rich colouring. Oak boards are very versatile in obtaining different colours and finishes due to its properties of absorption, the colour finish does not sit on the surface but penetrates into the wood.

Oak floors are available in prime grade which is a beautiful clean board giving a contemporary appearance with few knots, in character grade or rustic grade that offers a much more distinctive grain pattern with many more knots.

Oak solid floors have a tendency to shrink as well as expand. This happens because of room humidity changes, changing room temperature as well as moisture in the sub-floor. Engineered oak flooring on the other hand is a bonding of a hardwood oak layer to a multiple plywood backing layers which add strength and stability. Engineered wood floors are generally more stable than solid wood floors and are indistinguishable from solid once laid.

Solid oak floors are usually formed by treating an oak tree into thick slices and after being kiln dried they are cut into narrower boards and then polished, to create complete firm solid oak floorboards.