Maintenance care instructions for wooden varnished floors.

Leha Clean OH-49 for cleaning wooden floors (weekly)

Leha Clean OH-49 is a cleansing agent that dissolves fat and dirt simply and effectively. Leha Clean OH-49 is a concentrated yet mild cleansing agent friendly to the skin and to materials, suitable for the weekly cleaning of lacquered parquet and other wood floors. The product has a neutral pH so that good adhesion during application of a new maintenance layer is assured without risk of wood discoloration.

Instructions for use: Wait at least 14 days after applying the final coat of lacquer to your parquet floor before using any form of liquid cleaner. Mix approximately 50-100 ml of Leha Clean OH-49 with 10 litres of water, and use in combination with a well-wrung floor-cloth or mop. Avoid making the floor excessively wet.

Contains: 5-15% anionic tenside, less that 5% non-ionic tenside, inorganic salt, preserving agent and aromatic oil.

Storage: frost-free and in original, closed packaging.

Leha Master Polish (Mat or Glossy) V6 (yearly)

A water and polyurethane based maintenance product for lacquered parquet and other wood floors. Leha Master Polish V6 gives the floor a protective layer which is extremely resistant to wear and tear or scratching. This tough surface layer reduces damage to the lacquer coating. It gives a mat or glossy final finish.

Instructions for use: When the surface loses its luster or has deteriorated in patches subject to greater wear and tear, a new layer of undiluted Leha Master Polish V6 may be applied to specific areas or to the entire surface. Take care the 1st layer should only be applied 14 days after applying the final coat of lacquer to your wooden floor. Always start by thoroughly clean and degreasing the floor with Leha Clean OH-49, so that it is completely free of dust, fat and wax. Then rinse with clean water and allow to dry. Shake Leha Master Polish V6 thoroughly before use. Apply undiluted Leha Master Polish V6 evenly to a perfectly dry floor using a special polish applicator. Avoid puddle formation. Do not rub or polish, and allow the floor to dry completely.

  • Usage: approx. 1 litre per 30-35 square.
  • Drying time: Approx. 10 min.
  • Cleaning Equipment: Rinse with water immediately after use.
  • Warning: Never use Leha Master Polish V6 on a floor that has been treated with a different maintenance product.
  • Frequency of use: Depending on intensity of floor use, an average of once to twice a year.
  • Contains: Less than 5% anionic tenside, polyurethane dispersion, water-soluble solvent and preserving agent.
  • Storage: Frost-free and in original, closed packaging.
  • Weekly maintenance: Vacuum and or wipe with a floor wiper. Then clean with Leha Clean OH-49.