Acoustilay 15

Sound Proofing Hardwood Floors – Acoustilay Sound Insulation

Acoustilay is a unique Acoustic flooring underlay. It is designed to be installed as easily and quickly as a conventional carpet underlay but with the additional benefit of acoustic insulation.

Acoustilay conforms to the Building Regulations (Approved Document E) for conversions and provides the easiest and most convenient method of improving both the airborne and impact sound insulation of an existing floor.

Acoustilay combines excellent soundproofing with all the qualities expected of a good underlay, hard wearing good dynamic loading and a luxury feel. Simply laid onto an existing timber or concrete floor and easily cut with a standard trimming knife, Acoustilay offers the economy of quick installation. It is easily formed to any shape and being between only 10 and 15mm thick it minimises the increase in floor level. Acoustilay is used in both commercial and private contracts by housing associations, property companies, developers, builders and private householders.

Acoustilay 15

Acoustilay 15 is an acoustic mat consisting of a flat sponge rubber underlay between two rubber sheets. Generallyused where greater airborne and impact noise reduction is required.

Size 120cm x 120cm
Thickness 15mm
Weight 15 Kg
Impact Sound Reduction-Timber Subfloor * 37dB
Impact Sound Reduction-Concrete Subfloor 42dB
Airborne Sound Insulation-Timber Subfloor ** 48dB

* The Building Regulations require a figure of 64dB or lower for impact noise for this test.
** The Building Regulations require a figure of 43dB or higher for airborne noise for this test.


Illustration 1: Floor build up with Parquet, Engineered on Site.


Illustration 2: Floor build up with Engineered flooring.