Technics 5

Sound Reduction Products

Walking on wood have become specialists in the field of wood floor acoustics. With our product range we are able to deal with the unwanted transmission of sound in many different situations.

Noise is transmitted in buildings by both airborne and impact sound sources and UK Building Regulations requires that both these noise types are controlled. Practical guidance to meet with Building Regulation requirements is given within 2003 Approved Document E.

Sound insulation, in general terms, is the prevention of airborne and impact sound being transmitted from one part of a building to another through separating floors, ceilings or walls.

Our floor soundproofing systems and materials can be used on any floor type from timber to concrete floors. Our materials will offer soundproofing against both impact and airborne noise.

Technics 5

Technics 5 is an acoustic mat consisting of a flat sponge rubber underlay with high quality reinforced crepe backing and spun-bond polyester scrim facing. Generally, used on concrete subfloor for a less bouncy feel under foot.

Roll Size 11m x 1.37m/ 5m2
Thickness 5 mm
Roll Weight 41.01 Kg
Core Weight 0.7 Kg
Impact Sound Reduction 27dB
Heat Conductivity Coefficient 0.05 m2 K/W
Fire Performance of Building Materials B1
Measurement Procedure ISO 140-8:1998
Test Procedures ISO 717-2:1996, DIN52210 Part 3, DIN4102 Part 1 & 14


Illustration 1: Floor build up with Engineered Flooring.